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Who We Are

We are publishers of books/zines, makers of things, and space invaders. Madwoman Etc aims to be overall purveyors of dopeness and champions of artists we love. More specifically:

We believe in loud women in red lipstick and women in libraries. Women with false eyelashes and women in sneakers. Or bowties. Or track suits. Or hijab. Or denim jackets. Or wedding dresses. Or sweat pants.

Women who are. Women who exist without permission. Woman who are not limited to the information on their birth certificates. Women who are mothers and women who are artists. Who are queer. Or brown. Or queer and brown. Gray area girls. Who don't give up. Who are complicated. Who are tired. Who are full of joy. Who are angry. Who are searching. Who are already home. 

Fly Girls. Girls from the block. Who love to cook. Who think domesticity is bullshit. Who snatch microphones. Who are allergic to bees. Who go get their own honey. Who fight back. Who wear menswear. Who carry entire generations. 

Messy women. Women who don't look like their grandmothers. Women who look exactly like their grandmothers. Women with crazy ideas. Women who have had someone say, I don't believe you. Those who don't always feel woman at all. 

We believe in virgins. And not virgins. And whiskey drinking women. Women in full color.

Women who have their grandfathers' working hands. Who built their houses again and again after losing everything to fire or pillage. 

We believe in women who make people nervous. Big hearted women. Tough women who love all the way or not at all. Women with bloody knuckles and a bouquet of flowers. 

We fundamentally disagree with the notion that those women cannot exist in the same body.